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Xinhui Honesty International Freight Co., Ltd has been engaging in the transportation and trying to perfect the management of different links of the international shipping in accordance with the client’s satisfaction. Xinhui Honesty International Freight Co., Ltd has been trying to integrate the sources available and has established good co-operative partnership with the world famous shipping companies at home and abroad. For the purpose of win-win cooperation, we try to be the long-term partners of the manufacturers and traders.

All the colleagues of Xinhui Honesty International Freight Co., Ltd keep the spirit of “faithful operation, customer first”. They have been working very hard since the establishment of the company in 2000, which make the company in a very good position. It is very rare and precious. The stable and massive service platform is accumulated by years of working hard. As a service company, whether in favorable circumstance or in adverse circumstance,we must advance with thanks, and go side by side with the clients to face the changing market steadily and bravely.

As for the future, I am sure our tomorrow will be bright so long as we seize the opportunity and face the challenge bravely. We will continue to execute the operation strategy of “ international operation, diversity business, scientific management, excellent service”, think what our clients need, improve our service and efficiency constantly,and take it as our responsibility by providing safe, convenient, fast, inexpensive service.

For the challenges and opportunities ahead, we shall take advantage of the steady service platform, exploit to the favorable conditions and avoid unfavorable one, and adopt new ideas and tools. We will improve our service faster, create new service value, and try to make more achievements; we will provide better international freight agency service to our clients as usual. Here,on behalf of Xinhui Honesty International Freight Co., Ltd, I want to say thank you to these clients at home and abroad who cooperate with us, who go side by side with us, and these friends at home and abroad who give us concerns and support.

HONESTY, advances in the process of development, and will be more prosperous. changing.